EMDR Space (Beta Version)


EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a niche therapy used for treating PTSD and relatively unknown outside this circle. However, it has the potential to be used for other conditions like anxiety, panic disorders, sleeping aid, pain management and phobias which is the ultimate goal of this app.

Current apps for anxiety use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), meditation or breathing techniques. However, these methods necessitate conscious effort from users, EMDR doesn't need much homework.

If you have, for example, intrusive thoughts use at the same time the bilateral stimulation features (visual, auditive or touch) implemented in this app. The bilateral stimulation will damp the intensity of the thoughts and speed up the reprocessing of those memories so that they will occur less frequency and intensity over time.

For now the app is only available for Android, however, it will be ported later on iOS, in the meantime you can visit the YouTube channel:


it will contain some EMDR videos that should work on every platform, for example videos which will transform stereo speakers into EMDR buzzers.

Disclaimer: Do not use this app for self-therapy! The actual EMDR Therapy is more complex and consists of 8 steps, and the bilateral stimulation is just a step of that. The app is intended to be used by professionals to enhance the therapy or for patients for alleviating symptoms like anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks and intrusive thoughts etc. It is not designed for replacing actual therapy. If you suffer from PTSD and try self-therapy by intentionally recalling traumatic memories, it may not work and it may worsen your condition. 


simple UI

Timer for the case that the app is used as sleeping aid

Combine different background sounds

Custom breathing. Double Inhale Breathing promoted by Andrew Huberman

Overlay EMDR on any YouTube video 

Overlay EMDR on any recorded video of your favorite place. The build-in algorithm will create a seamless video with seamless looping sound

Connect to smartwatch and use it together with the phone as EMDR tappers/buzzers

By using a low-frequency sound you can transform every speaker into vibrating EMDR tappers


EMDR Therapy + Safe Space = EMDR Space

Hello! I'm Constantin the founder and developer of EMDR Space. I began this app as a hobby project during the pandemic, that grew in complexity beyond what I initially expected.

I got the idea when one day several years ago I was sitting in a train and looking outside, the ride calmed me so much that I was thinking "How nice is to sit here, I wish this ride could go forever", I thought on how to replicate this feeling home, through a VR set perhaps? I wondered what's the reason behind it, then it stuck me, I recently read about the EMDR Therapy on how bilateral stimulation has a calming effect. It did come to me as I was looking outside, I always took random points (tree, house, etc.) that I followed until the end of my view, thus my eyes moved rapidly from one side to another. 

I wanted to use an app, however the current apps for EMDR seem to be either primitive, expensive or very buggy, so I saw a lot of potential where to improve. I wanted an app where I can have a background with a nice view, or the possibility to use nature videos on YouTube as an background. I also saw how expensive medical EMDR buzzers where and I arrived to the idea that you could bring stereo speakers to vibrate by playing low-frequency sounds, and thus use them as a cheap replacement.